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Professor Shaoping Chen honored with Outstanding Moral Teacher Award of Hubei province
Author:Lin Liang      Published Time:2018-05-15      Views:

    Recently, the HubeiProvincial Department of Education and the Hubei Provincial Education Unionjointly declared their selection results for both the Best Ten Moral Teacher ModelAward and the Outstanding Moral Teacher Award of the Hubei province in 2017. ProfessorShaoping Chen, Dean of the College of Electronics and Information Engineeringat the South-Central University for Nationalities (SCUN), is honored with the OutstandingMoral Teacher Award.

    Professor Chen is alsothe Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of the SCUN, the Director of theHubei Key Laboratory of Intelligent Wireless Communications, the Director ofthe Hubei Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for InformationTechnology, and the Director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission’s Key Disciplineof Communication and Information System. He is also successively elected as theMember of the Discipline Review Expert Group of the Department of InformationSciences at the National Natural Science Foundation Committee of China, the EvaluationExpert for the National Key Laboratories in the information science fields, theConsultancy Expert for Wuhan Golden Shield Projects, etc. He was also awardedthe Second Prize of Hubei Natural Science Award, the Second Prize of WuhanNatural Science Excellent Academic Paper Award for twice, the Best Paper Awardof IEEE International Conference, the First Prize of the SCUN Teaching AchievementAward, and the Ten Best Young Teachers Award of the SCUN for the firstselection. He is also included in the Innovative Entrepreneurial Talent Programin the Hubei Science and Technology Innovation Source Projects, and honoredwith the Special Allowance Expert of Hubei Provincial Government.